Uphill Nursery & Primary School

Uphill Nursery & Primary School

October 2014
We are building a school !

Uphill Nursery & Primary School is in the village of Kachomo near Budaka town in the eastern part of Uganda in the heart of Africa.

We have the land, the teachers and the students and we have already built the latrines. The school is currently operating in temporary buildings having moved from its original very small and very dilapidated building because the Education Department said it was not suitable for a school. The new site will mean bright new classrooms and a wonderful big playground for the children.
Headmaster of Uphill Nursery & Primary School

Old school, children playing School children Classroom

Uphill has given the children of the village and surrounding villages the opportunity not only to go to school but to go to one that is close to home rather than walking for an hour or more to and from school each day.

Classroom of old school Our visit Old school

Since 2009 I have visited the school each year (in its old location) and been impressed with the enthusiasm of the teachers and eagerness of the children to learn and actually be at school. My sister Wendy and her sons Ryan, Mitchell and Lloyd also visited in 2011 and that’s when Wendy and I hatched a plan to help the school however we could.

The school is far from the area where Soft Power Education operates and therefore can’t get any help with the building under Soft Power’s school refurbishment program.

I visited the new site last year and saw the beginning of the massive task of digging the enormous hole for the latrines.
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The school’s motto is Climb on your Own! And we hope we can be a part of helping the children to start ‘climbing on their own’ and use their education to find a way out of poverty.

You can help by contacting me by email and / or by depositing your donation into account

Westpac Bank

“ W.M.Doyle and J.A.Hickman ”

BSB 732051 - Account 712976

We are not a registered Australian charity so can't offer you a tax receipt but be assured that every cent will go to the school. Don’t forget to let me have your email address so I can update you with pictures as the new school becomes a reality.

Foundations are in
Walls going up
Roof going on

Jenny has smoko with the builders - November 2015
Teddy with the excited children - November 2015

----------------------------------------------------------------------- Almost there

March 2017
We have built the school !

September - 2016
September - 2016

And we are very proud of our achievement. Thanks to all those who donated towards this great result. The school is very much a community project to help the vulnerable and orphaned children in the area around Kachomo village. This year (2017) is the second year the school has been operating, albeit in a not quite finished building last year.

It’s time to pull on your heart strings again. These gorgeous little ones are especially needy. Just $5 a month would help one of them complete a full year of education.

Angela Namajja
4 years old in Nursery Baby
Angela is an orphan and lives with an aunty and several cousins.
Her favourite thing is singing and she also enjoys skipping.
She loves going to school and is good in class.

Enoch Byakatonda
5 years old in Nursery Baby
Enoch is from a very poor family and it is a struggle for them to find the money for Enoch’s lunch at school and his school uniform.
He is keen to attend school regularly despite the challenges in his young life. He loves playing football.

Esther Kanyago
6 years old in Primary 2
Esther lives with her single mother and several siblings.
The only income for the family is from the sale of excess crops they have grown to feed the family. In times of drought this can mean little food for the family and no income at all.

David Tatyabala
6 years old in Nursery Middle
David’s family is very poor with little or no income.
David loves playing football and at school his favourite subjects are social studies and maths.

Lawrence Kanya
15 years old in Primary 5
Lawrence’s family is extremely poor living in almost uninhabitable accommodation. Lawrence’s only clothes are his school uniform.

Andrew Tambaki
10 years old in Primary 4
Andrew’s father died of hepatitis B and his mother’s only source of income now is from the sale of excess crops they have grown to feed the family. In times of drought this can mean little food for the family and no income at all.

Bazil Mukomba
10 years old in Primary 2
Bazil is also from a poor family. Bazil is not academically blessed but he is determined to continue his education even though he struggles in some classes. Bazil is a fine drummer and is part of the school choir.

Ziyaada Naula
8 years old in Primary 1

Patricia Naula
7 years old in Primary 1

Zaituna Namajja
5 years old in Nursery Middle Class

Only a small amount of money can make a big difference at Uphill Nursery & Primary School. $5 a month will educate a child for a year or $40 a month will pay the annual salary of a teacher. Indeed, any amount will help change some young lives.

Your donation to our Westpac bank account in the name of W M Doyle & J A Hickman - BSB 732 051 - Account 712976 will be most welcome. Why not set up a regular monthly or annual payment?

Be assured that every cent is transferred into the school account in Uganda on a two-monthly basis and accounted for at the end of every school term. There are no administrative fees. My sister, Wendy, and I look after the paperwork in Australia and my Ugandan daughter, Teddy, looks after the Ugandan side.

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