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Photo Gallery
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The photos on this page are just a little window into my life in Uganda, hope you like them. The photo to the right is taken outside the Soft Power Amagezi Education Centre on the day 60 of my students celebrated their graduation after 6 months of ESL English lessons. "Class of 2009".

" In the classroom "
Hard at work, some of the students showing off their new reading glasses, donated from Australia.

It's not the Hilton, but it's Home away from Home.

Last Saturday night a group of us went to Mama Joyce's
( 2 pictures below ) which is one of the shacks that pass for restaurants in Bujagali. Dirt floor and wooden benches and tables much the worse for wear. It was a farewell dinner for 2 volunteers. Mama Joyce serves local food which she brings out in bowls for us to share - roast potatoes
( no idea how she cooks them on her little charcoal stove ), spinach, rice, matoke ( mashed green bananas or plantain ) with nut sauce, red beans in sauce, eggplant, sliced cabbage. Quite a feast for 3,000 shillings or $1.95 each.( picture above )
Then later in the week, a second farewell and birthday dinner, this time at the Green Light ( another "fashionable" Bujagali restaurant ) where we all had fish curry. $2.80 each with a drink.

Visiting the Armani Children's Home, Jinja

One evening 4 of us visited the home which is actually quite a nice facility. As far as we could understand it is funded by missionaries in the US. It is not just an orphanage, there are children there who have one or even both parents but the parents are unable to look after them, for example, there is a set of twins ( only a few months old ) whose mother died in childbirth and their father visits them every day and hopes to be able to take them home by the time they are 1 year old.
When we arrived Rachael, one of the day time careers showed us around. It was close to dinner time for the children ( about 5.30 ) and the night time careers were due to arrive to put the children to bed. We first met the 3 and 4 year olds. One child latched onto each of us and as Rachael showed us around, they told us : this is the girls' room, these are the toothbrushes, these are the stories.
Next we met the 2 year olds, who were all sitting on the floor in their nappies at a long low table eating from deep plates ( fingers only ). THEN, we met the 1 year olds, who were sitting at a lower, longer table eating from deep bowls. As we came into each of the rooms we were all lost for words and gasps. AND THEN we met the babies ( including the twins ) who were being fed by one of the careers.
Katie and I went back to visit the next day for the afternoon playtime between 3 and 5 and came back feeling very emotional. How hard it was to leave with a child snuggled against me and a child on my lap and a child clinging to each arm.

The famous Bujagali Falls and the River Nile


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