A Big Thank You

A Big Thank You
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I would like to thank everyone that has donated money and time in support of Soft Power Education and the women and children from the villages of Bujagali and Kyabirwa. In our small but significant way we will all try and make their lives a little better.

I would like to thank all the women in Australia who have taken up the opportunity to start a pen friendship with ‘the Amazing Women in Kyabirwa and Bujagali’.

I especially thank my sister and brother-in-law, Wendy and David Doyle, for their support in helping me raise funds for Soft Power Education at a fabulous trivia night at Doyles Fishermens Wharf Café in April 2009 and the whole Doyle family for providing the venue. I was able to hand over 5,000,000 Ugandan shillings to Soft Power Education when I arrived in Uganda in June.

Thank you also to the staff of Doyles On The Beach, Watsons Bay, Australia whose continuing donations for four children from the village have allowed them to keep going to school and continue with their education. Thank you from Phillip, Olivia, Christopher and David.

A special thank you to Helen Louis, one of the Aussie pen friends who together with her work mates (I should say previous work mates, she has recently retired, half her luck) has kindly made a donation which has been passed onto Soft Power Education to help provide education facilities in the villages in the area.

Thank you to Dianne Smith, from all my students who in 2008 had problems learning because of poor vision. Dianne donated about 40 pairs of magnified reading glasses. It was wondeful the difference it made to their learning and they couldn’t get rid of the smiles on their faces. I thank her on their behalf.

I can’t forget to mention my family who, instead of Christmas presents from me in 2009, agreed to donate the funds to Soft Power Education. Thank you!

And more thanks in 2010 …………

Thank you, thank you to my Mum, Grace Monkhouse, and Ray’s Mum, Audrey Smith, and friends who are knitting 240 little toys for all the children at the Soft Power Pre-Schools at Buwenda and Kybirwa. These will be distributed to every child at the pre-schools at their annual Christmas party in November 2010. And, thank you to Wendy and Judy who will be organizing the shipment of these toys!

What a fantastic response there was to a reading glasses collection at Jupiters Hotel & Casino on the Gold Coast. This was an initiative of Deb McPhail who manages the mail room at Jupiters. We were overwhelmed with reading glasses and the communities of Bujagali and Kyabirwa would like to thank all those who donated. And thank you Deb!

Once again my sister, Wendy Doyle, has been a fantastic help with a fundraiser on Friday 25th June. We had a wonderful Women’s Spiritual Evening to help me continue my English classes through Soft Power Education for the women of the villages of Bujagali and Kyabirwa. Thank you to Kathy Popplewell, Annie Stewart, Angela Ayers and Antoinette Pacitto for donating their time and contributing to the success of the evening and thank you so much to all the women who came along and all those who donated to the cause. And, of course, thank you once again to Doyles for giving us the venue for the evening and helping out with the catering. The evening was an absolute success!! Thank you one and all.

2011 THANK YOU ...
to the families from McAuley Primary School at Rose Bay in Sydney for their generous donations of books, children's clothes and baby wraps for many children in Uganda. The books went to Uphill Primary School in Budaka District in eastern Uganda, the children's clothes were for the 3 to 6 year olds who attend the Soft Power Pre-Schools in Kyabirwa village and Buwenda village and the baby wraps were gratefully received by Jamira the midwife at OneMama in Jinja District.

2012 THANK YOU ...
for the continued support from Sydney family and friends and Doyles on the Beach at Watsons Bay.

And a very big THANK YOU to everyone in the future for their continued support and new support. I KNOW we are all MAKING A DIFFERENCE.